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O saborear dos dias... com maior deleite e meticuloso vagar.


Signos - Deuses e os Semideuses

04.12.18 | Maria Rocha Soares





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(21 de Março a 19 de Abril)



Child of Zeus: intense and energetic, strong willed, brave and strives to be heroic, wants to be the number one

Child of Hermes: talkative and sociable, gets along with most people, humorous, likes to go on adventures

Child of Athena: clever, ambitious, seeks out wisdom and success, likes it to be right



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(20 de Abril a 20 de Maio)




Child of Demeter: traditional, down to earth, loves family and nature, good at cooking

Child of Aphrodite: romantic, materialistic, has an excellent sense of aesthetic value

Child of Apollo: poetic, easygoing and forgiving, kind and caring



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(21 de Maio a 20 de Junho)




Child of Athena: witty, curious, has the ability to learn fast and exchange ideas with others

Child of Hecate: mysterious, versatile, has a strong interest for supernatural things

Child of Hermes: fun loving, communicative, cunning, flighty, indecisive



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(21 de Junho a 22 de Julho) 




Child of Hades: pessimistic, insecure, sentimental, often has difficulties understanding and expressing their emotions

Child of Aphrodite: emotional, loves the beautiful and pleasant things in life, empathetic

Child of Poseidon: moody, tenacious, creative, loyal and sympathetic



Resultado de imagem para deuses e os signos

(23 de Julho a 22 de Agosto)




Child of Dionysus: warm hearted and passionate, humorous, dramatic, a bit lazy

Child of Zeus: self confident, showy and very charming, dominant, often stubborn and refuses to take advice from others

Child of Poseidon: creative, generous, one of a kind, good-natured, has a great sense of humor


Resultado de imagem para deuses e os signos

(23 de Agosto a 22 de Setembro)




Child of Athena: critical and perfectionist, analytical, prefers things to be organized

Child of Apollo: kindhearted and gentle, poetic, very caring, excellent at giving advice

Child of Demeter: dependable, hard working, reasonable, nature loving


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(23 de Setembro a 22 de Outubro)




Child of Hermes: diplomatic and cooperative, has a good business sense, likes the outdoors and traveling

Child of Aphrodite: affectionate, sociable, has a great love for beautiful things

Child of Nemesis: is likely to hold grudges, mistrustful, righteous and cannot tolerate injustice, prefers harmony and balance


Resultado de imagem para deuses e os signos

(23 de Outubro a 21 de Novembro)




Child of Athena: resourceful and inventive, determined, decisive, truthful, intelligent

Child of Hades: mysterious, secretive, intense and emotional, unforgiving

Child of Dionysus: passionate and assertive, sensual and likes to indulge in pleasant things, a true friend


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(22 de Novembro a 21 de Dezembro)




Child of Athena: Curious, idealistic, open minded, a bit blunt

Child of Apollo: Optimistic, generous towards loved ones, expressive, very honest

Child of Hermes: witty, freedom loving, playful, tends to speak before they think


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(22 de Dezembro a 19 de Janeiro)




Child of Nike: independent, progressive, good at managing things, determined, can be a know-it-all

Child of Hades: serious, disciplined, pessimistic, seems cold and emotionless

Child of Demeter: family oriented, follows traditional values, down to earth, dependable


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(20 de Janeiro a 18 de Fevereiro)




Child of Poseidon: fun loving, friendly, a bit eccentric, open minded, temperamental

Child of Iris: original, unprejudiced and prefers not to take sides, optimistic, humanitarian

Child of Athena: good listener, is able to solve problems fast and efficiently, distanced, deep thinker, visionary


Resultado de imagem para deuses e os signos

(19 de Fevereiro a 20 de Março)



Child of Apollo: artistically and musically talented, careful, peaceful, fearful and may run away from problems

Child of Hecate: spiritual, likes the mysterious, intuitive, wise, makes a good medium

Child of Aphrodite: romantic, compassionate, emphatic, faithful, caring